Writers Guild Foundation, Veterans Writing Project Fellow Alumni

Arts In The Armed Forces finalist for the BRIDGE AWARD for best play 2020

THE TWO OF US by Jeremiah Jahi
It’s 1994, and the city of Atlanta has begun its makeover as it prepares for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. Archer and Turner, an older Black gay couple who own a mom-and-pop soul food restaurant, can smell the change blowing into their neighborhood. With the possibility of gentrification on the horizon–as well as new visitations from the long-ago past–Archer and Turner must now grapple with the looming changes for their business and their relationship. Archer sees change as a chance to grow beyond the community they have called home for more than twenty years, while Turner wants to dig in and fight to keep what they have. An epic love story in the tragic tradition, set in the rich cultural and poetic world of everyday African American life in the south, THE TWO OF US is a story of the fight to hold onto what is precious, and the difficulty of defining what that is. It is a play about the struggle to know what to defend and what to release, and the many ways in which love is built and expressed.

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