Birthed in darkness and shrouded in the mystery of my life

when I had no control of the circumstances,

you have made your commanding entrance

across my mind like it’s a stage.

The lights are always dimmed

and never bright when you show up,

but you always find your spotlight in the center of my mind

to speak your dialogue of despair

that wreaks havoc in my mind like an ancient Greek tragedy.

I called on Socrates.  I called on Akhenaten

to speak dialogue that would seem like planting seeds of confidence

in the fertile sections of my mind.

I water them.

I nurture them.

I love them.

Oh, how I anticipate the deposits they will make in my life.

As their season for sprouting approaches

you always show up to choke them

with subtle sprays of doubt, indifference , and anger.

I am so tired of you!

You keep me in misery!

You keep in agony!

Oh, how I wish you would forget your debilitating dialogue

and move away from the spotlight!

Oh, how I wish the audience in my mind didn’t love you so.

You must leave now!

I am sick of you!

I am losing my mind!


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