AfterwordsStoriesWeTellCover… The final song of the night was Oleta Adams’, “Many Rivers To Cross.

   Many Rivers to Cross, but I can’t seem to find my way over wondering why I’m lost as I travel along white cliffs of Dover.

    The words of “Many Rivers to Cross” continuously played in my head all night.  As I looked around, the pictures we all had just taken seem to come to life.  For all in attendance, tomorrow had some how stolen today.  Missing loved ones.  Missing their hugs and kisses, missing their touch.  Missing loved ones with many rivers in between and many rivers to cross to be reconnected.  If connected.  Some will. Some won’t. Perfume mixed, becoming  one big scent of sadness mixed with tears and sweat dominating the air.”

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The Last Train Ride
I don’t know how to not care about you! I don’t know how to not
want you! I don’t know how to not think of you as MY woman!
Though beginnings can present a formula for a rough and rocky
road it is…
I’m Losing My Mind
Birthed in darkness
and shrouded in the mystery of my life
when I had no control of the circumstances,
you have made your commanding entrance
across my mind like it’s a stage.
The lights are always…
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